Blue bloods s10 e1

Blue bloods s10 e1

blue bloods s10 e1

In the Season 10 premiere, Danny and Baez grapple with a year-old homicide investigation brought to their attention by Maggie, the medium who previously helped them solve a case. Next Episode Previous Episode. Who was the Episode MVP? Episode Discussion. Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions. Watch Full Episodes: Blue Bloods. See All Videos. Season 10 Episodes See All.

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Blue Bloods season 10: Cast, spoilers, premiere date, episodes and everything you need to know

Marisa Ramirez. Callie Thorne. Ashlie Atkinson. Tom O'Keefe. Gregory Jbara. Robert Clohessy. Abigail Hawk.Blue Bloods is a hit for many reasons, but primarily because the cast is so dang good.

Major heartthrob and former Magnum P. In real life, Tom is a dad to two kids, and has been married to his longtime love Jillie Mack since Danny is the oldest Reagan sibling, who is still recovering from the shocking death of his wife, Linda Amy Carlson.

Erin is a major player in the D. Off the small screen, Bridget is a parent to her son, Jack, who she shares with ex Tom Brady. Jamie has had quite the year. Eddie can cause a bit of a divide amongst Blue Bloods viewers. Henry was chief for a time before Frank, but now he serves more as a wise consultant during the legendary Reagan family dinners. Len has been in the industry for years, and has even won a Tony Award for his part in Sweeney Todd.

Another fun fact about Len? He used to date Glenn Close! Though she sometimes puts her mom in a tough positionthe two are very close— even amidst boy troubles. Home Maintenance. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Episode Guide

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan. Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan. Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan. Will Estes as Jamie Reagan. Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko. Len Cariou as Henry Reagan. Sami Gayle as Nicky Reagan-Boyle. Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez. More From Best of TV Receive automatic notifications when Blue Bloods Season 11 release date is announced.

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My wife and I tape it and watch it every week. I am not an actor evaluator, but I think the type casting in this show is so overpoweringly excellent. From Frank to the "Cop's Cop," the casting is outstanding. Tom Selleck is a master of facial expression! Do I agree with everything?Blue Bloodsthe police procedural drama which follows the Reagans, a multi-generational family of cops fighting crime in New York City, is one of CBS's most popular shows.

It first burst onto the small screen back in and nine seasons down the line, it's still going strong. But is it full-steam-ahead for a tenth season? The show's producers are keeping schtum at the moment, but here's everything else we know so far. Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess haven't been afraid to deal in tragedy over the course of the series. I wouldn't have done that. I could've shown the death.

I guess it would've been nice for the fans to see her demise, to be a participant in it, and that was my vote for the fans. So there's every chance that season 9 could bump off another key character, both on or off screen, which could be any of the following:. Donnie Wahlberg as Frank's son and investigator Danny Reagan.

Will Estes as Frank's other son and police officer Jamie Reagan. Bridget Moynahan as Frank's daughter and assistant district attorney Erin Reagan. The current series got off to a predictably explosive start — Danny takes on a case involving Louis Delgado Lou Diamond Phillipsa drug cartel member, who he believes set his house on fire and was potentially responsible for his wife's death. As the series rolls on, we find out that Delgado was behind it all, later admitting to Danny via video camera that the cartel deliberately caused Linda's helicopter to crash.

The investigator is naturally consumed by both his wife's passing and the nefarious Delgado, who has wreaked havoc on the Reagan family, and there's every chance that Delgado will continue to cause problems throughout the rest of the series, and potentially beyond.

Erin is also promoted in season nine, but is immediately under immense pressure when both Danny and Jamie need her help with different investigations. She also finds herself locking horns with both Frank and Governor Mendez over a number of different issues.

Will we see her get to grips with her new responsibilities, or will Erin continue to struggle under the weight of it all, and possibly step aside in a potential tenth season?

With very little to go off, it's difficult to say what the future holds for the show and its characters, but with Ranker users voting the series as the fourth-best CBS drama series inwe'd bet good money on another jam-packed series.

blue bloods s10 e1

Seasons all hit screens in late September, which means we're probably looking at a release date any time after September 20, By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the PopCulture.

Danny and Baez grapple with a year-old homicide investigation brought to their attention by Maggie, the medium who previously Also, Frank looks for a way to help his ex-partner Lenny Ross when his daughter is arrested; Jamie and Eddie go apartment hunting; and Erin faces off against a cold-blooded defense attorney from her past show less. Frank and Erin are at odds when Frank learns the district attorney's office keeps a list of officers they consider Frank's esteem for an old friend and late socialite proves to be a mistake when her son threatens to publicly reveal who she Also, Jamie asks Erin for help apprehending a perp who shot at him after learning she chose not to send him to prison six months ago; Eddie clashes with her new boss, Sergeant McNichols Stephanie Kurtzuba ; and Danny drags Baez into a case involving a suspicious grieving couple.

Frank takes one of Jamie's cases to heart when it involves the suspicious death of his friend's wife. Erin receives an Erin receives an unsolved robbery case that proves to be impossible to crack without help from Anthony.

Frank works to vindicate a detective accused of using excessive force. Danny and Baez track down the killer responsible for the Danny and Baez track down the killer responsible for the death of a rapper's bodyguard. Jamie is skeptical about a relationship between Espinoza and a rookie officer. Frank is conflicted about how to deal with former cop Rick Austin's Evan Arthur Hall gripe about his pension.

Also, Jamie Also, Jamie helps a friend, Connor O'Brien Brian Hutchisondeal with illicit pictures of his daughter on the internet; Danny hunts down a killer who shot his online prison pen-pal; and Anthony confronts the realization that his foster son, Sam Jaden Michaelmight not be suited for police work. Jamie and Frank oppose each other's viewpoints over the public's treatment of cops after rowdy teens pour water on two Also, Danny and Baez investigate a man who preys on the elderly, and Erin is forced to admit her wrongdoings when Jack Peter Hermann brings her an old case and claims a man she put away was falsely convicted.

While Henry works as an investigative consultant for child services, he and Danny butt heads over a case involving a man who is Erin disagrees with a psychiatric consultant's diagnosis of a nanny accused of abuse; Eddie confronts her boss; Frank is Also, Frank hears about an alleged affair between the chief of Internal Affairs and the spouse of another member of law enforcement, and Jamie and Eddie argue about gender politics in the Reagan family show less.

After an EMT is shot and killed, Danny and Baez work to determine who is behind a chain of ambulance robberies; Frank defends A widow blames Frank for her husband's recent suicide; Eddie has a gut feeling about a murder; a desperate Luis Delgado Frank must uncover the truth when an undercover officer accuses a fellow cop of police brutality.

Danny and Baez investigate the Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a famous photographer recently accused of assault by his former models.

Erin struggles to protect a witness. After Eddie's After Eddie's partner mistakenly shoots an undercover cop, Internal Affairs accuses Jamie of not supervising properly. Jamie is under investigation after his police vest is found on a perp. Frank debates whether to aid and protect an old friend Frank debates whether to aid and protect an old friend whose home was invaded. Danny and Baez investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a hotel employee believed to be a suicide.

Erin asks Anthony to make a deal with a man who knows secrets about the current D.When it came time for the Blue Bloods cast to film their 10th season premiere — and th episode overall — Tom Selleck gave a speech.

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He commended their dedication. Finally, he toasted to more years of working together. Like other police procedurals, Blue Bloods features plenty of shoot-outs and car chases.

They married at the end of last season, and Wade is excited to dig into this new dynamic. Wade shares the sentiment. Want more Fall TV Preview scoop? How Blue Bloods will surprise viewers on its special th episode. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More.

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blue bloods s10 e1

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Blue Bloods Episodes Guide and Summaries. The show follows the lives of the multi-generational Reagan family and their dedication to the New York City Police Department. DramaFamilyCrime. CBSUS at pm. Mitchell BurgessRobin Green. Previous Episode. Episode Summary. Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan. Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan. Will Estes as Jamie Reagan.

Len Cariou as Henry Reagan. Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan-Boyle.

Watch Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 1 - The Real Deal

Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez. Amy Carlson as Linda Reagan. Vanessa Ray as Edit "Eddie" Janko. If you like Blue Bloods you may also like. The Chicago Code. Rookie Blue. Let others know what they should also watch Sign In. Forgotten password New to Next Episode? Fri Sep 27, The Real Deal. Fri Oct 04,